Grade 5



I feel two awesome parents.
I taste a big clump of love.
I smell the gross smell of BO.
I hear lovely people laughing and giggles.
I see family and friends having a wonderful time.
I touch my dad’s rough hands.

I feel the warm shepherds pie in my mouth that my dad made.
I taste the fresh french toast that my awesome mom made.
I smell the amazing crepes Oma and Opa made me.
I hear my lovely dogs barking at nothing and going in and out side every five seconds.
I see my huge family talking and having fun.
I touch my mom’s soft hands.

I feel a warm blanket that my loving father got me.
I taste warm hot chocolate my Grampa kindly bought me.
I smell sweet breakfast sausage that my older brother made.
I hear my annoying younger brother crying because he can’t get his own ice cream.
I see my mom and dad working hard for my family.
I touch my favourite when I give them hugs.