Grade 4



To most people home is very important. it’s important to me. At home the most important thing is love. in my house it is very cozy, comfortable and relaxing. there is lots of hugs and laughter.

When you go away for a long time then come home there is a smell. that is the smell of your home. It may be very familiar if you aren’t home a lot like me. it’s important to help clean it. I sometimes help clean mine.When you are older you can start remembering how to get back to home.

At my home my mom gives me lots of hugs, my dad wraps me in his arms, my sister plays with me, my dogs cuddle with me and my fish well he does nothing but I still love him. At home there is warmth and safety. When you are at home you make yourself comfortable and you are loved.

My family supports me and I support them. I love every one even though my dad is not home a lot. They are the best. The names in my family are are, Grant (Dad), Tiffany (Mom), Paisley (sister), Willow (Dog), Phoebe (Puppy) and Queso (Fish). They are the best.

My Dads jobs are, a firefighter and he own’s a Safety Source. My Moms jobs are she works at Benny’s and is a Doula.