Grade 5

British Columbia


Home looks like smiles and and happy faces,and it looks like the place you always want to be, its the place that you feel most safe, and where you are most loved. Home smells like fresh baked ginger bread cookies,and delicious pumpkin pies that just came out of the oven,it smells like warm candles with lots of love filling the air .Home sounds like laughter, and friends and family getting together, it sounds like joy and peace
Surrounding the room. Home taste like spicy butter chicken and mashed potatoes with gravy on top, It taste like hot chocolate marshmallows and whipped cream. Home feel warm and cozy,like sitting by the fire, home feels rough but so gentle at the same time, home feels like happiness and kindness in the every day.
In other countries it might be different, some people might not very nice houses with a warm bed to sleep in, some people might not have a house at all. But not only that, some people don’t even have a family. So what am i grateful for, i am grateful for my warm bed that i get to sleep in, the bedroom that keeps the cold away, the house that keeps me safe and the family that keeps on loving me every single day. And that is the meaning of home to me.