Grade 5

British Columbia


Home looks like family and love. Home looks peaceful and kind. We all look forward to going home so we can be showered with hugs and kisses. Home smells like fresh baked bread welcoming you at the door. Home smells like pie that is saying “Hi!” Going home is always a surprise we look forward to. Home sounds like doves cooing in love. Home sounds like laughter and joy. These sounds we enjoy, not destroy. Home tastes sweet with a dash of spice. Home tastes sour, like ripe lemons and limes. We have never tasted our home, but can feel the taste. Home feels rough and gentle at the same time. Home feels smooth and hard under your hand. All these textures make us smile, for they are all unique in their own way. Homes in other countries are not always the same as ours. They may not have the same qualities as ours. That is why we should be grateful that we have such AMAZING homes. Some homes are different from ours, such as condos ,cabins, apartments and mansions. Different homes could be smaller (like a condo) or bigger (like a mansion). For my house I am grateful that I have a place to sleep and a place to feel loved. My family and I are very grateful to have home.