Grade 4



When I walk in I find my dad giving me a warm welcome but, it was just me and my dad so my family was not completed. If you have a small home, you are lucky to still have a home. Then, when my mother comes home, you can hear laughter, bangs, booms, but it’s all good that way..

It’s sad that some people can’t experience it, sometimes for many reasons. But this is what I say, you love your home and family always comes first. What if I woke up to a cold old bench? I mean it’s the only one with no bar in the middle. So I have to sleep on it. What if it starts to rain? I’ll be all cold and sick. No home to go to dry off. What if I get ill? I’ll have no place to go to. Nooooooo! No doctor to say I have the case of the wh-ha-a-a-t-t-t?

I remember when me and my dad saw a person experiencing homlesness. He was half blind and had a sign that said helpless and hungry. I asked my dad if he had change he said no, not right now I don’t. So I watched as he walked away sad and cold.

We went to the Mustard Seed and met a guy who had mental health problems. He lost his job. And he still has no job but he still lives a life. But what do you call a homeless person? This is what we as a class call them. It is long to say. Ok here I go. Person experiencing homelessness. We call them that so it feels more free to find a home insead of never getting a home muahaha. Now that I think about it, I am thankful I have a home and you should be too.