Grade 4



HOME Home doesn’t have to be a place. It can be family. Like they say, home is where the heart is. Heart can be family. Home is where I get tucked in at night. And wake up to my alarm clock (my parents yelling “get up!!!! You’re late!!!). And where I get to play after school. My home is complete. That’s because my mom, dad, sister, me, dog, cat, and fish are in it! Now that’s
why home is where the heart is!!!

Home has lots of memories, happy memories like when one of my favorite movies came back to Netflix. Or sad memories like when a few of our fish died. Even silly memories like when I woke up at 2:30 am! But most importantly, loving memories. Home doesn’t have to be a pile of bricks, wood or sticks. Or huts, teepees or houses or even big shoes! It can be the people inside! Like my family, and even pets! Home is a big warm hug wrapping around you!!!!

I wake up in the morning and get out of my nice cozy little bed, but don’t wonder about people who don’t have beds. I eat breakfast but don’t wonder about people without food. I drive to school, but don’t wonder about people without education. Until now that is. I take a lot of stuff for granted, such as my school, my video games, my toys, and sometimes even my home. But still, I think everyone should have a home.

I’ve met a man experiencing homelessness, I’m not going to say his name, but he was very nice. He lived at the Mustard Seed, but that is a shelter. He deserves a real home. I say these people should have a home because they are nice. But people no matter who they are should have a home.

By Connor