Grade 5

British Columbia


To me I think home is something that keeps you safe from any strangers that want to steal you or your child. Homes are the most important thing because if you’re poor and you have no money, food, or phone it’s sad. It’s really important to care for each other. And also you can make new friends. If they’re poor give them a home. They will feel proud and cared for and you will make a huge and extraordinary difference. And also my home feels like it’s safe and home smells like a freshly cleaned and wiped home.
A lot of people around the world have homes and some of them can be small or even big or medium. If you move out from your old house and you live in a new home think about what home is to you. I think having a home is the best thing in life. Some homes look ugly on the outside but maybe on the inside it looks like A MIRACLE! I also think home is something that keeps giving the feeling of happiness of life with a backyard with children with laughter – all joy in the summer time with the sun shining brightly and the blue sky out! Home is more than just a disgusting home, it’s more than you think. Home is what you need and it’s safe for you. When you have a family and you have a home you are perfectly amazed because you can eat and then you can read and your life is better with a family. Home smells like pie because they like to say hi! Home is great. They have new beds to snuggle in and bigger kitchens.