Grade 6



In my home, I am loved and cared for
where I am surrounded by courage and hope.
A place where I can trust my family to catch me when I fall.
A place surrounded by people that I love and know.

Home is where traditions are made.
A place that never lets fun moments fade.
Precious memories of adventures are hung up on walls.
A place where nothing can go wrong.

Home is where my friends and family gather,
A place where I love to laugh and play.
A place where I hear joyful laughter.
Home is where I can do as I please.

Home is where I feel protected,
Where I feel protected from the danger outside.
A place where the sun shines through and brightens my day.
Demolishing the fright within me and increasing bravery and courage.

When I am at home,
The smell of a delicious and warm dinner fills the air.
Soft classical music plays in the background.
I can see cheerful smiles on everyone’s face.

Nobody is perfect, we all make mistakes,
But homelessness is something that nobody deserves.
Feeling lonely and empty,
Hungry and cold,
and no place to call home.

It’s devastating to see the Homeless suffer,
and how the days of their lives get tougher and tougher.
Now it’s our turn to take on the fight,
and stand up for this simple right.
Of having a place to call home.