Grade 4




Home is where you keep all your memories. I feel safe and relaxed in my house. It is where you can be yourself. My home protects me from the howling wind at night. Home is a feeling not a place.

There are many ways to be generous, like smiling at someone, that’s being generous of your time. You can be happy when you do it and the other person is happy too. It can make them confident.

I’m happy we have some public areas. The Mustard Seed helps people experiencing homlessness. Their dream is to stop homlessness. Inn from the cold accepts donations and there is a place for food and sleeping. +15’s help because it is warmer than walking outside in the freezing cold winter.

My family makes a home a home. Home is where you can be free to be yourself. A little kindness goes a long way. You can volunteer at any shelter and feel good about it too.

By Ellie