Grade 6



My home is a cozy, nice, place to live that you can feel safe, and you won’t be judged. When my siblings and I get home from school my mom is waiting for us with fresh food.

Sounds that remind me at home is when I’m about to sleep I listen to music and it relaxes me. When I read it’s nice and quiet, and it comforts me very much.

When I’m at home I feel happy, and I enjoy my quality time with my family. I feel safe when I am at home because my parents are there for me. When I am sad my parents always comfort me.

The smells of cookies, and cakes flow through the air when I cook with my family. The sugary aroma makes me hungry, and satisfied. For dinner we have spaghetti, and it’s really good. I love to eat fresh fruit like bananas and apples. I love to eat tacos with my family. Food is a very big part of my family.

I love to play with my siblings, we always make wonderful memories. I like to play Minecraft on my Nintendo Switch, and play Fortnite. I love to relax on the couch and read books. I like to play Uno with my family on Family Game Nights. It’s really exciting and we make joyous memories.

I think that the most important part about my home is my family. My family is always there to comfort me, to keep me safe, and to make me feel like I belong. My family is always there for me, and they always make me smile.