Grade 5



Home is where I see my family’s warm, welcoming smiles
Where I see my stuff that I know by heart
Where I see a place that looks just right, like it was made just for me
Where I see everything I need in life that help keep me alive

Home is where I hear the bubbling water being boiled, ready for tea
Where I hear my family asking “How was your day”
Where I hear my family laughing over tiny little things
Where I hear my sister snoring, keeping me awake

Home is where I taste and smell the fresh water that cools down my throat
Where I smell the scent of herby plants that tingles up my nose
Where I smell the grey smoke from a BBQ just outside
Where I taste the flavours of steaming dumplings that burst in my mouth

Home is where I snuggle the bed that I sleep in every night
Where I sink into the squishy sofa so much you can’t leave
Where I feel the uneven wooden planks change height beneath my feet
Where I feel my family’s warm hugs that makes this place my home

Home is where I feel safe as soon as I walk in
Where care flows in so fast you can actually feel it
Where I feel the warm joyful feeling that energizes your day
Where I feel the love pour in into heart that makes it my home

Home is where I hear and See mandarin being spoken around every corner
Where I hear the “I love you’s” that lift up your spirits
Where I see the red posters being hung up for chinese new years
Where I feel and see everything I need to live in this Home