Grade 4



Home is where I walk in feeling safe and free from the dangers outside. It’s where I can shout and laugh, cry and be funny and where I can play games like Connect 4 with my family. Home is where the door is always open to me. Home is where I make memories like when I learned how to walk and talk . It’s also where I make sad memories like when my dog died. Home is where my heart is.

Every day when I wake up and hop out my cozy bed I don’t stop to think of what it would be like to wake up under a wet bridge or cold park bench. Would a person experiencing homelessness be scared or mad? If I were homeless I would be scared and I would worry about where I would sleep the next night. I would feel trapped in a box because I could not cry or laugh in the streets. I would be sad most of all.

It’s not fair that some people in the world treat people experiencing homelessness like they don’t exist. You can help people by doing small things like donating money and food but if you can’t donate you could volunteer at a soup kitchen or a shelter. You can also raise money by doing a lemonade stand and then donating the money you earned.

You might have noticed I have been using the term person experiencing homelessness. That’s because calling them a homeless person is kind of rude because when you say that it sounds like they will be homeless forever but thats
not true. Calling them a person experiencing homelessness is much kinder and sounds more temporary as if they will get a home. Small things make a big difference!