Grade 6



Home can mean a lot of things. To me, home isn’t just a place where you live, but somewhere where you can feel safe, feel comfortable, and much more. Home is somewhere you feel loved, and happy. On the outside a home is just a plain old building, but on the inside it’s much more.
Home is where I feel safe. In my home I am constantly surrounded by love and trust. There is nobody to put me down or to hurt me. Safety isn’t just a feeling, it’s trusting someone with your life, and that is exactly how I feel in my home. I can feel cared for and protected in my loving and caring home.
I feel comfortable in my home. In my home I can relax, and feel safe without anxiety or worry. I can have confidence in knowing that no matter what I do, my family and friends will be supportive of my decision. When it rains I can watch television in the warm, and when it is too warm I can go swimming to cool off! I will always feel cared for and comfortable in my home.
Mostly, I feel loved in my home. I am certain that my family loves me in my loving home, and I can definitely feel that way. When I go to bed every night, my mom will always say, “Good night, sweet dreams!”. I KNOW that my family loves me.
Now I hope you have learned a bit about the true meaning of home. Home is a place where you feel safe, a place where you feel comfortable, and a place where you feel loved. A home isn’t just a building, but much more. We should all appreciate that we have a place that we can call home.