Grade 6



A house is a structure with walls and a roof
A home is where people surround and protect
A house is a thing, it has no meaning
A home has memories passed down from generations.

Home is where friends and family gather
Where people share love and compassion for one another
Home is like a warm blanket after a cold day playing outside
Where I can let weight off my shoulders after a hard day.

Home is a place to get me through the night
and to shed light on things that aren’t so bright
My home is a place of honesty and trust.

Where people put smiles on others’ faces
Where you matter no matter your race or religion
Where accomplishments are celebrated and dreams come true.

In a home you’ll always be surrounded by loved ones
Because home isn’t a place, it’s a feeling
Wherever I go, wherever I roam
All these feelings remind me of my beloved home.