Grade 4



My hideout, my place my home! This is a reading about my home and why it is importint to me Before I start i have a itty bitty teeny tiny story. My grandma is a realtor, we outrageously love to spend time with her by checking out houses. Once we were going to check out a house(where i live now), but i was sick, days past and i was better. We were driving and i exclaimed to my mom hey weren’t we going to see a house with grandma? That week we went to the house. My first neighbor that i met was my next-door neighbor danielle she asked me, are you are new neighbor? I said happily, well, my parents seem to really like this house so I probably will. One month later. We moved into my home! So, if it weren’t for me ,we would have not moved to are new home. My home is very important i feel like poor people should have a home to i want to thank all of the society’s that help that any poor people i love my house also cause we live by fish creek. What reminds me of my home, is when i get home and my brother runs to the ipad to text and when i walk as nicely as a dove fluttering its wings. Now you know how much my home means to me and i hope that whoever wins chooses wisely, i cant control that but i know if i will, i will make sure that i choose wisely