Grade 6




Home is where you are
When you are with your family
Or when you are with friends
It will always be with you
Even in the darkest times
Even when there may be problems
Home will always be there to reassure you

Home is where you feel comfortable
Whether you are sad or mad
It will find a way to calm you down
Your family is a part of home and they will help you
They will make you feel loved
Make you feel remembered
And make you feel at peace

Some people may not have a safe home
Someone’s home could be a cardboard box
Some might not have all three meals each day
Some might have never felt warmth during winter
And I feel sorry for them
Everyone deserves a proper home

Seeing this happen everyday breaks my heart
And a student like me, wants to make a difference
And by entering this contest
I have chance to change this issue
I can make someone feel warmth
Make them feel loved
And give them the true feeling of home