Grade 6

British Columbia


Home is not just walls, it’s so much more than that It is a place you can come from a hard day of work. Home should be your favorite place in the world. Home is your territory, like a lions rock or a bird’s tree. When you come home
you always leave home a better person, until you become the best person you can be.

Home is like a shoe, it has to be the right size if it’s not big enough it doesn’t work. My Home is like a factory every one does there part. Home is where memories are made. It’s where happiness is shared. Where I should feel secure and safe in your Home.
Sometimes you laugh so hard you spit out your water because your Mum said something funny at the dinner table. Or some nights your mum trends on your favorite show on t.v and your so interested. Home is not a place where you’re all alone. If a home is in the Rocky mountains or if a home is in a volcano it is still loving home! It’s where you belong. If you have 3 houses it is not a home. The point of a home is love family, friends.