Grade 5



Home is more than just a building. It’s a feeling, a sensation. A place that you feel like yourself. A place you can enjoy without trying. A home can go by many names like cottage, palace, apartment or mansion. But a home can be more than these. The safety and shelter a home provides is something everyone should get to feel, no matter who they are. Those of us who feel overwhelmed because of the daily events must know how soothing the home can be after a long day. Everyone should have a home. Everyone should enjoy these comforts. Home can be made by the people who share our home, our family. They are the most valuable people we will ever meet. Our family is a treasure that nothing can compare to. Home means so much more than a building. It can be more than one thing. The library is a home to me. It is a place of refuge from things that drive me crazy. I feel at home with my friends, who help me when I’m down. Home is special. Home is a feeling. This is home.