Grade 6

British Columbia


Home to me is where I can put my stuff down and hug my family. Where we can talk about our day. If I had a rough day, they will tell me it will be okay. At home, I can see my family. Where I fell safe from all my fears. When I go to bed, I thank my family for what they have done and what they might do. It’s a place where I can tell all my secrets to the ones I love. Home is where we care for each other. Home is where we find comfort, in the people who listen.
To me home means making memories with the people who surround you. It’s not all about TV and video games, it’s about the people in your life. If you’re too addicted to video games, you won’t be able to see what your family has done for you

If you think you’re, lucky to have a home you are. We have to think of other people around us, like people who don’t have homes. We have to support them. Home is where dreams come true. Where everyone matters and everyone is loved. Where I can have time with my family and friends.