Grade 4




Home makes me feel in a welcome space. A home with the people who love me. A respected place to me is my home. A loved space that makes me feel calm. It’s a place with memories. Home is where my heart is. Home is like a secure warm hug wrapped around me and my family.

Imagine there’s no one to hold you. Think if there’s nowhere to express yourself. Imagine there’s nowhere to make memories. Think if there’s nowhere to call home because you are wandering around the streets. Imagine you aren’t being treated well. Have the perspective of panhandling for weeks just to stay wealthy it’s hard to be yourself when you’re being judged.

Have a perspective of a person experiencing homelessness you would be sad right. So donate to services like the food bank or just volunteer. You can make a difference like smiling at someone. Or work at a soup kitchen. One little thing can make a huge difference.

Think of the words homeless person vs person experiencing homelessness which one do you prefer. I would prefer a person experiencing homelessness because if you use a homeless person it makes them think it’s not going to end. If you use
person experiencing homelessness you make them think, I’ll get out of this soon.

Bye thanks for reading! ; )