Grade 4



Have you ever wondered what is the meaning of home? To me the meaning of home is love, a family, my cozy bed and delicious food. If l didn’t have these things at home l wouldn’t feel comfortable and if l had no good food I would be hungry all the time. l am very thankful for these things. I moved to a new house last month. I love my new house. It is covered in red outside. Some people ask what is the difference between a home and a house? l will tell you. l know for sure that home and house always but you feel safer when you are at home but when you are at house you feel Uncomfortable,unsafe a home is way better for you.The best part about home is that there is a family to Support you and Encourage you for what is right for you and your life. I heard many people out there are single at their home.I know it is sad for that person. But I am so glad that l have the best family ever!( in my Opinion) l like it when they all give me a big bear hug l get so warm from their big bear hug l don’t need a fire close by me