Grade 4



When I wake up in the morning I walk down the carpeted stairs and sit on the old torn up couch.
And I wonder what it would be like to have no comfy bed to sleep on. Home is something you
can always come back to. When I walk inside I feel the nice vent beside the door. Home is
being beside someone you love. Home is not your house, it’s the people inside.
Giving can be giving a home or something else but the point is you can give anything to anyone.
It doesn’t matter how old they are. Even if they are not in your family. Giving can help the
homeless or any other people. Homeless or not.
Imagine being homeless no comfy bed to sleep on only the cold streets or cold benches. Just
imagine having nowhere to always come back to. No family members to comfort you when you
are sad.
We had an opportunity to hear the story of a person experiencing homelesness. He had a
couple of jobs but he couldn’t pay the rent of his apartment so he became homeless for a couple
of days. And he saw a huge building called the Mustard Seed, a homeless shelter. He bought
an apartment at the Mustard Seed and from now on he has a great life with a home.