Grade 5



Home is a simple word we use
To describe a house where we live and sleep.
But what does home mean to you?

Is it a place?
A feeling?
Here’s what home means to me.

A home is where you laugh and play
Eat and sleep and
Spend the day
But have you ever thought of those
Not rich enough to buy a home?

That’s right
That’s the truth
Those people don’t have a place to sleep at night

So now that you’ve heard the sheer truth
What does a home mean to you?

A home is a privilege
Not all people have one
A home is where love happens

You know what, forget that
A home is love
Memories are made
Life goes on

But don’t you forget
The people who live in there with you

Without them life would be empty
Just a shell
So before you fall asleep tonight
Wish your parents a good night
Tell them you care
Because without them you wouldn’t be there

So be thankful for all
That you own
And you love

Because this is home