Grade 5




home to me is a place where trust carries on. Where I can say something that will never make sense, but still not be laughed at.

When I feel down someone is there to help me around, to get through the pain and to love and care for me.

Home doesn’t have to just be a house. It can be a certain place that makes you feel safe.

Sadly not everyone has a place to call their “home sweet home”. People live on the streets and it aches my heart. Bringing what they can to help raise for a place. But while the journey goes on even in the bitter cold they still have to have hope.

Hope, home always gives you the hope to carry on. Even through the rough you always have extra help. And extra help should be something everyone should have but doesn’t.

And for all the people in the world, try to help the less fortunate. And that to me is the meaning of home.