Grade 5



Home is not a dome.
Home is a place where there is love.
There is always a dove in between love.
Home is not just a building.
Home has a cape which makes me feel safe.
I see a birds nest on the west with little chirping birds.
A home is a place where I am safe .
Home is a pencil case which keeps me and my family safe.
Home is a place with bright lights which keeps me safe from the dark night.
Home is a place to stay and play.
Home is no harm but it helps me stay warm.
Home is great and it’s not a place to hate.
Home is where we all have a mom to keep us safe.
Whenever it’s raining outside my home is always there to keep me away from the rain that goes back into the drain.
Home is a place to share love with your family.
Home is where your fun begins.
Home is full of memories that will keep us from being worried.
Home is where you are always welcome, unlike others who are unwelcome that don’t have a home.
Home is where I live permanently.
Home is where you don’t have to wait in a queue to enter.
Home is the place that I will love no matter what!
Home is a place where I won’t feel like a mouse!
Home is a place where we all belong!
Home is something everyone should have.
Anyone who doesn’t have home should get it for free no matter the size like a flea that flies into people’s home to be so warm.
Being warm will not harm.
This is my poem that I own near my home to make people have a bone to live alone.