Grade 6



Home is where I live. Home is where I am loved, and I love others. Home is where I can be myself and I don’t have to worry about the other people in the world. Home is the most special place in some people’s eyes, but to me it is way more special. Homes are where old memories exist and you make new ones. You can play all day and be as happy as you want to be. You can sniff the fresh smell of the dew on the wet grass or smell the sweet smell of a bee hive by a creek. Home is where you can play with rabbits, dogs, cats and horses. Home is where you can fish with your dad for Pickerel in the slow running creek or hunt for moose in the great big open plains. Home is where you can spend time with friends or family on the holidays. Home is where you cut down a tree and decorate the tree for Christmas day. Home is where you get your costume ready for trick or treating on Halloween. You can be as silly as you want because nobody cares what you look like or sound like at home. Home is where you feel welcome and you are never left out. Home is where you forget your worries and problems at the door. You will be happier then you will ever be at home. You should be grateful of your home because some people don’t have homes or a family to live with them. This was why I love my home.