Grade 5



Home is happiness.

Home is sadness.

Home is angriness.

Home is memories.

When I think of home I think

Of many emotions.

You can buy a house,

But can you buy the people, the memories,

Maybe you have a pet,

You can never get the same dog, cat, mom or dad

Ever again.

I don’t know how to explain how good it

Feels to come home to my family that

Loves and cares for me.

A home doesn’t need to be a house

It could be anywhere that you have memories,

I feel at home at my grandparents’ house.

You could live in an apartment or a condo, a bungalow,

cabin a side by side or two different homes

I can’t imagine not having a roof over my head

Or not having enough food to eat.

I love my home I have lived there for all of my life.

A lot of people take a home for grantit,

I can’t lie sometimes I do too.

but some people don’t have anything and sometimes

it makes me sad because kids my age don’t have

a roof over their head or their family greeting me when they come home from a good day of school saying, how was your day!

Or the feeling of having people who love you

But it also makes me so thankful at the same time.

Home is where I belong my mom belongs, my dad, my sister,

Two dogs and cat belong

Home is where the heart is.