Grade 5



Home is where you play and have fun live your own life and remember some of the things you have done when you were at your home. Like when you spend time with your family. Having a nice dinner with family and having so much fun.

Do you know the fun things I do at my house? I play on my Xbox and I have cool games on it. Sometimes I play on my Eletronic and it is so much fun, and I play games on it like Roblox that’s my favourite game. Let me tell you other staff about home I watch Netflix with my family. That’s one thing about my home, it is fun being with my family. Every Friday night we do a movie night it’s fun.

And I wish that was my house.

I have a basement and it’s big and I can play soccer and that’s Where I train soccer every day and that makes me feel like home to me. I also play outside, and I have like 40 people playing outside in my neighbourhood it’s kind of crazy.

We play all kinds of sports like hockey, soccer and all kinds of other fun things.

I like home. The best moment is when my family celebrates my birthday. I love when they do that, and I invite my family and friends.

Sometimes I invite my friends from school.

I feel bad for the people who don’t have a house.

Home is good for me because when I am there, I am happy.

How is home to you.