Grade 6



A home is a safe and protected place in which to live. A place to relax and have fun in after a hard day at school, or a long day at work. A place to gather with friends and family.
Most take a home for granted, but the homeless know its importance. They feel uneasy and insecure at night. They suffer terrible storms without a roof or walls around them. They probably don’t have enough food and they might not be able to go to school, or to the doctor when needed. They wish they had a home to return to.
A home isn’t a home though, without the people. It’s just an empty shell, waiting for someone to move in and make it a home. We move in search of a new and better place, but most will always have a home.
A home is a place to learn from and teach stuff to others. A place to stay safe in during a storm. A place to be yourself. We leave often, but we always come home. A home, is a place to live in.