Grade 4



Rori Kramer

What home means to me is the love that goes around the house it makes me feel warm inside. I feel comforted and safe.
Home is not just a building, it is a place where you can feel loved and warm.
If I had to tell you where my heart lives it is at my house. My house is not why I love it so much it is the people around me.
My neighbours and my neighbourhood are all so nice and friendly. I have moved a couple of times but this is where my heart lives.
I think I am lucky because some people live on the street or live in a dangerous place.
Some people live on the street so when I get home sometimes I think of the people on the street. I feel like I need to give them company.
I feel like I need to give them food. When I am going to bed I think about how I would feel if I was poor and had nowhere to go.
When I get home dinner is on the table. Some people come home and nothing is on the table.