Grade 4




When I walk into my home I feel safe and warm. Home is a place where you can be your true self. It is where you can share your happy memories and some sad ones. Home is a place where the door is always open to me and my family. Home is where the heart is.

Imagine being homeless where there’s nowhere to go. Where there’s nowhere to make memories.If I were a person experiencing homelessness I feel frustrated and sad because you cant express your feelings like cry and shout in the public. It’s not fair how people act like they only care about themselves. Even a smile might make them feel better.

We went to The Mustard Seed to learn about homelessness and we met a man who experienced homelessness for 2 years. He was a security guard and we got to know about him. A small suggestion, if you say homeless person it could make them sad because it’s like they are homeless forever if you say a person experiencing homelessness its like they are not homeless forever.

Back in my home country India there are lots and lots of people experiencing homelessness. In a traffic people come to your car and ask if you want to buy something like umbrella, water bottles and more but people say no. And some are only kids! They have clothes that are ripped. Some people beg in front of the temples, roads and shops most of them have no legs, some are blind too. What I don’t like is some of them are ok but they act like they are blind for money. Some bad people make kids beg because they want all the money the kids get. Most of them don’t like to help people. I feel really bad for them.