Grade 5

Brentwood Bay
British Columbia


From a one bedroom cabin with dirt floor and no bathroom
Or a six bedroom mansion with a gold toilet and
an Olympic swimming pool
could be pure treasure to some.
9.5% of the Canadian population is suffering
under the poverty line while others are
living in pure luxury.

Last December I saw a man
at the subway station in New York City
missing lots of teeth and he was so skinny that
I could see his heart beating, He was
yelling in a mixed up voice, “Help me” over
and over, I knew he probably didn’t have a home.

Some people don’t have what others have
And some people have so much.
I have two homes, my mum’s and my dad’s
There’s a big backyard, a hammock
we make a fire
I read in my purple bedroom
I don’t think the man at the subway station had any of that
I wish that the world wasn’t like that
I wish everyone was happy.

I wish people knew their luck.