Grade 5

Portugal Cove St. Phillips
Newfoundland and Labrador


What is home you ask? Well I can answer that!

Home is a place where you feel welcome, safe, secure, loved, warm, comfortable, and lots more. Sometimes you might feel sad or angry, maybe sick too, but there will always be someone to comfort you, maybe even a pet! They will make you feel happy!
Home is a place where you laugh, have fun, create memories, eat, give and get hugs, sleep, and come together as a family! That’s the best thing that you can ask for.
I love playing board games at my home and having dinner with my family. We read stories, build forts, and tell a story about how our day went! At my house we have taco tuesday, Yummy!!!
I just wish that everyone could have a place to call home! I’d say you do too, right? Well make your poem for home to help make lots of dreams come true!