Grade 6

British Columbia


Home. ⛰

In the middle of nowhere in the Yukon a hunter was stranded. He had to set up camp, for him, all his crew, and a moose they had hunted. The hunter then remembered a quote an inuate elder had once told him. ‘Home is where you are.’
To me home is doesn’t again have to be a building you can call your own. for the less fortunate people it could even be a box, to some people home isn’t a place. It’s a feeling. With loved ones, and family, it could even be a meadow, or a forest, or even the sunset. Whereas a house can’t go much further than a building, or a trailer maybe. You might not even like the place, and might want to get out any chance you get! A house could be anybody’s, and not as loving as a home and it might be dirty and not taken care of. It can’t be a forest or a meadow, it can only be a building. A home is where love resides, joy is abundant, and laughter never ends.
Even if it is just a house, you will always have a home somewhere.