Grade 4



Home is a place to gather with people you know.
Home is where I grow.
When I feel sad, I don’t know where to go.
Then I take a photo.
When my sister is mad.
I strive to make her glad.
Everyone should have a loving home.

Home is a place with a roof over your head.
Home is a place with the floor down under your feet.
Home is where you’re pleased.
Home is where you put your trust.
A home can be big or small.
A home should have some pictures on the wall.
Everyone should have a trusted home.

Home is a place where you’re cozy and warm.
It’s where I feel like a charm.
Home is where I like to play.
Home is where my feelings don’t sway.
Home is where you’re filled with joy.
Home is not a place to be destroyed.
Everyone should have a happy home.

Home is where I live.
Home is where people give.
Home is where my dad has his car.
Home is where my poppies are.
Home is where people celebrate holidays.
Home is where I have good days.
Everyone should have a cozy home.

Home is where I belong.
Home is where nothing goes wrong.
Home is special to me.
I hope you agree.
Home is where you make memories.
Home is where you say thank you and please.
Everyone should be thankful for home and not take it for granted.