Grade 6



Home is where you can come back at the end of a long and hard day,
there are too many rules and restrictions but when you’re home you can have your way.

Home is where you can take a nice bubble bath,
and stop stressing about Math.

Some people have one home and people have two,
but home will always be waiting for you.

You should feel comfortable at home doing whatever pleases you,
It could be art, reading and writing too.

At home maybe you have a mom, a dad, siblings, and maybe some pets,
when your home you can get comfy in a hoodie and a pair of sweats.

Home is where you shouldn’t be judged by race,
because it should be your safe place.

Your home could be anywhere like a house, apartment or even a van,
but it might not be safe which is why Habitat for Humanity is a good plan.

Habitat for Humanity helps families around Canada have safe and affordable homes,
Hopefully, soon we can all have cute and silly garden gnomes.