Grade 5

Porters Lake
Nova Scotia



Home is more than just walls and a ceiling,
It’s memories and laughter, and where you are dreaming.
Home is a place where you can let your imagination roam,
You feel like you can be you at a place called home.

Home is where you’re not afraid of letting out your feelings,
And if you’re hurt, it’s the best place for healing,
At home you will never be lonely,
And it is where you rest at night nice and cozy.

Home is where friends gather to play and have fun,
And you’ll feel as bright as the great big sun.
At home I can do the things i like to do,
Including crafts to make with glue.

I love my home the very best,
Even though it is not a contest.
It’s just my opinion,
I love the home that I have been given.