Grade 6



Here I am to explain what home means to means to me and to me it’s were family get to share memory’s and be with loved ones all over and to share our time making memories of the heavens. Also to have lots of fun throughout the journey together. Now let me share my bloviate memories with you.
The conductors watch
What a magnificent night! There was this time were my favorite grandpa came to join us for dinner. When he came we had a blast! We ordered chicken chief and had chicken [of course], corn muffins and so much more! After dinner grandpa told my brother and I to get a cooler from his truck and when we came back he opened the cooler and brought out this magnificent clock with a wooden stand with a train on the watch. My grandpa told me that one of my great grandpas used it to be an conductor witch it is an conductors watch. “That was handed down for 8 generations and will be handed down for even more generations”. What fun we had that evening and will be one of my favorites and my grandpa is the greatest!

The goat

It was an exerting morning. The sky was clear, the sun was rising in the horizon, the birds were chirping and everybody had a good sleep. But this was the weird part. When we got to the barn we saw that one of our miniature horses sparky was in the isle while his stall was closed so when we went to check it out we saw that there was a goat in the stall. A GOAT.

So a house isn’t just walls and roofs, it’s a place where you can make memories and that’s what home means to me.