Grade 5

Porters Lake
Nova Scotia



Home is not just a place where you sleep
It’s full of joy,laughter and the memories you keep.
But not all homes are the same
mine is big blue with a butterfly
but some don’t have a home
and that makes me cry,

you can share your feelings
and let things go
I can be myself and let my imagination roam.
In my home I feel safe
where I can live my own life
and act super brave,

I can talk with my family
and they can help me with problems
where I can do my homework
and learn my own knowledge

A home is a place where you can be sick,
but get better
Where I learned to ride my bike like a pro, but a beginner
Home is more than just something you see on the street
It’s somewhere where you and your family
gather and meet

I feel bad for people who don’t have homes
My home is probably the best thing in the world
When I see my house
my heart fills with pride
I love my home, I quietly say.