Grade 6



What is home? I think home is someplace where you are loved, where there is peace, where there is happiness. There are just not enough words to emphasize what home means.

Love, what is love? Well, I think love is when mom helped you study for that big test coming up, or when your buddy helps you fit in. Peace, peace is when your whole family all gets along and decides what movie to watch or where to go for a big vacation. Comfort, comfort is the walls around your house, the roof on top of your head, the vents that give you heat. Clothes, the idea that you can have clean clothes by just putting them in your washing machine is so amazing. Think of all the people that have to wear the same clothes over and over again for a long period. Food, the microwave or fridge in your kitchen to have food ready for you to eat is so lucky. People without fridges or anything have to beg for money to get food and that may make them feel so embarrassed. Last but surely not least it FAMILY. Family is so important whether you have a house or not. They make you feel good in tough times and support you no matter what you do.

So just the feeling of having all those things in a house is so amazing but when someone doesn’t have a house it makes me feel so sad. That is why I feel everybody deserves a house no matter how poor you are.