Grade 6

New Brunswick


Hello, today I will tell you what home means to me.Home is a place where you can feel comfortable around your mom and dad.Home is where you spend most of the time and where you grow up.I also really enjoy having a place to live in.Also I am very very lucky and happy to even have a house.

Home is one of the first places you go when your new life starts.Also it’s where you go when you first get born.Also it could be where your first be where your first furry friend goes.Also it is where childhood starts and ends.It is where you first learn how to walk or learn how to ride a bike.Home is also where you have the majority of your birthday party’s with all of your friends.

Finally, we should all be very very thankful to even have a place even stay during the night. It could be where you take your first steps. It could also be where you first learn how to play any sport. I hope you enjoyed reading what home means to me and thank you.