Grade 4



Home is cozy. It’s cozy because there are blankets. My home has a couch that I jump on SO SO SO high. My house has a bed that is super super soft! Once my brother’s light flickered and he screamed! We still haven’t got the light fixed. He thinks the light is talking to him sometimes I hear him talk to it. It’s crazy! Home is fun. Home is fun because I have a bed to jump on, and me and my brother have a spectacular time! My home has two bathrooms, three beds, one living room, a kitchen and a laundry room. Home is awesome. Home is awesome because I can do whatever I want to and my room is amazing. I love my home because it’s so big! My home has a colossal back yard that I play in every day. My house is a trailer home. My house has a deck that I skateboard on a lot. My home is cool.My home is cool because it has a spare bedroom and a lot of toys. Another reason why I love my home is because I made it home, it feels like home. Ya, it might be a little messy but I still love my home. My home is weird. My home is weird because I have an art wall with a crazy woman driving a car. I love my home.