Grade 4

Sherwood Park



To me, home means the end of the drag race called school,

And end to the hostilities that can fill a deep pool.

Marvel movies, my switch, and a hyper dog,

Are an end of my school’s happiness clog.

With crazy neighbors, and ones that smuggle drugs,

I have only one place to be-on the fireside rug.

Home is the best place, my fortress, my stronghold.

The only place where my thoughts lie untold.

With no homework or stress I can live out my youth,

As my sister has an orthodontist messing with her tooth.

And when school starts again, I´m powerless to fate,

But I still see my school with contempt and hate.

And when I come home, after the bus crashes on the ice,

My home really does seem nice.

And after all this, when I get to bed,
I think at least none of this will make me dead.

So I’m grateful for my home,

If nothing else can be my protective dome.