Grade 6

New Brunswick


What does home mean to me? Home is a very important place that we all need. You can relax, have fun, play games, and so much more. It’s a great place for you and your family to have. In this essay, I will talk about a few reasons why home important and why everyone should have a home.

My home makes me feel secure and protected. It’s a safe place for you and your family to live. Even if it’s not a fancy expensive house your home means everything to you. It’s where you were raised and lived for most of your life. It is when you get older and you think about your childhood. Some of your memories will be in your home. Each room in your home would have multiple memories from you were six or sixteen. It’s great to always have a place to go home to after a long day.

To conclude, I know that not everyone’s as lucky as I am to have a home. So everyone that has a home should be grateful and appreciative because not everyone is as fortunate. Home is a very special place that everybody should have.