Grade 5

Newfoundland and Labrador



Home is a place where you can feel love, warmth, and have people care about you. Home to me is a place where I am secure and feel safe, where I feel like there is no place like it anywhere else in the world. As soon as I walk in the door my home smells like fresh baked cupcakes. Those hours that I am in school, my mom stays at home and makes some fresh baked cookies and that reminds me of home.

I really like coming home to see my parents. It makes me feel like I’m loved. I love to be able to come home and be watched over by my parents. It makes me feel like no one is going to do anything or going to get in the way of me and my family. I love my brother and nothing will ever happen to him so I will protect him with all my will and do the same for my mom and dad and my family. What really makes my house a home is my family.