Grade 4



Home is fun. It’s fun because I can play with my dog Daisy and I can play on the Playstation.

Home is warm because you can sit back on your chair by the fireplace and warm up your numb fingers from a frosty Manitoba winter day. Also, you can just sit down by the heater in your home and feel good.

Home is a shelter. Home is a shelter where you sleep and eat like others.

Home is happiness. Home is happiness because you have family and friends there who are people that can cheer you up.

Home is love. Home is love because your family and friends are there that love you, also you love them right back.

Home means activities. Home is an activity because you can do lots of them like play a board game or play with your toys.

Home is cozy. Home is cozy because you have soft blankets and furniture like beds, couches and chairs.

Home is electronics. Home is electronics because you can watch tv like dark scary movies also you can go on your phone, ipad or tablet.

Home is a holiday. Home is a holiday because you have Christmas and more traditions like Thanksgiving.

Home is a nice place to sleep. Home is a nice place to sleep because you have your bed there or a blow up mattress, couch or chair.

Home is chores. Home is chores because in the summer for summer break we are usually spraying or combining. If we aren’t, something is broken down. We have chores around the house.

Home is my favourite place.