Grade 5



Home is a place that you can express your emotion
Whether your home is on land or in the ocean.
Your home is safe and will always be your happy space.
When you come back from a long day
You should be able to say
This is my home and I’m here to stay
It is one thing to own a house but this is not the same
Your house reminds you of the problems your family overcame
Everyone should have a place to call home
If it’s just a tent it’s still your happy zone.
Your home can be an apartment or shack
Your home can be brick, white or black.
Your home can be an apartment or just a dorm
Think of all the families with no home to keep them warm.
Home is a building but also much more
Your home is no place to keep score.
Your home is special in every way
You should love it every single day.