Grade 4

Upper Rawdon
Nova Scotia


When I think about my home I think about right and also drawing at my house I feel sad sometimes When I come home I always snuggle my cat Buddy in bed. When I go to my house I watch TV. Also I think about my house when I’m at school. I feel that school is like my house too. Sometimes I feel happy, sometimes I feel sad but I am always happy to have a roof over my head. I think about people that do not have a home and that makes me say. I saw someone that was homeless and my nanny gave him a coffee. I wanted to give him some money but I did not bring my wallet. I still wish that all people can live at home. Maybe in the future that wish can come true. I’m nice like my nanny. I feel safe with her and she lets me watch TV all day and play video games. That’s why I think about my home. What do you feel like when you’re at your house?