Grade 6

Portugal Cove-St. Philip's
Newfoundland and Labrador


What is home to you? For me home is a happy place where I can be myself. Such as being crazy super hyper and some mixed emotions. I am so happy I have a home because some people don’t have a home so i am grateful I have one. And I am so happy that I have a warm bed and food on the table every day. But some people take that for granted and that is not good.

For me, friends, family and love are all tied together. Because a lot of my friends are like my family.And i love my family even my guinea pigs Pablo and Henry.My family helps me take care of my diabeties and I appreciate that.And my family is always there for me when I need them.

Also memories and happiness are together.Because we all have happy memories at our houses.And yes there are some bad memories but we have to remember the good ones.for example here is a good memory me and my mom wanted to bake cookies one day so we got out the flour and the eggs and sugar and we got to work.And by the way they tasted delicious and they were chocolate chip.

And safety and comfort all together in my home.I always feel safe in my home because we have locks on our doors and security cameras.And me and my family are strong so I think we might be safe.But my mom and dad make sure me and my brother are always safe in our house and comfortable in our house.But we always feel safe as a family because we all live in a safe town in a safe country in a safe house.

I hope you enjoyed my essay.I felt that these topics made sense.And remember you should always feel safe and comfortable in your home. You should have memories in your home and you should be happy in your home.And you should have family, friends and love in your heart and in your home.