Grade 6

Portugal Cove-St. Philip's
Newfoundland and Labrador


Home is not a home without the people and things that are in it. I realized as we started to bring people like my sister into the house. It started to get different. After my sister was here It was kind of still missing something so we brought in our two cats Boots and Gus. They make me feel happy when I am there. With the cats it made it feel more and more like home. Home is a place that gives me safety, a place to be loved, a family and most importantly long and good memories with lots of comfort in my lovely home.

A home gives a person safety. The reason I feel safe in my home is because of my family. In my family we have a sassy cat which will protect us. In our house all of us pick up for one another. In our family we stick together no matter what and that’s what I believe Will keep us safe.

A house needs a family to keep it together. In my family we have my sister, my mom, my dad and my two cats Gus and boots. I love my cats a lot. In my family there are six of us and we are very fortunate to have a big house to fit all of us. Some people don’t even have a house at all. Some memories in our family is when we first got our cat boots she was very very young so we had to raise her and feed her kitten milk and teach her how to do everything since the owner didn’t want to have nothing to do with her. But when we got gus he was bigger and knew how to use the Litter box and eat. Another one of our memories is when I first got my quad and my dirt bike for birthday’s and I used to go all around the fields on it and that was fun.

My home has comfort because we are together. In my house I have a great bed that I love and sometimes my little sister will come in with me when she is scared. I also love my bed because it comforts me. Something else that comforts me is when me and my whole family sit together and watch movies. We get popcorn and and large blanket. It is fun! Another comfort for me is when I watch my ipad at my nans and she brings me chips and treats. Those are the things that give me a sense of comfort.

So those are some things that make my home, home. I am very happy and grateful that I have a home to rest my head. Also a place that I feel safe. Have you ever been out driving around and see someone without a home or family. Just imagine what they feel like. So be grateful you have a home and take good care of your home and love it like I love mine. Thank you.